Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Rodney McCoubrey – “fun” sculptures
Nathan Nicholls – metal sculpture
Willie Bester – check out this man’s home
'Pinoy Ironman' Lucky Salayog – sculpture
Lin Evola-Smith – angels from melted down weapons
Jolene Fung – upcycled gowns
BRC Designs – check out their chair made from pianos or their bowl made from plastic trophy topper figurines
Rosalie Bourlund – wedding gown from parachute
Refindery – recycled materials store and gallery operated by the Community Action Recycling Team of Manzanita (CARTM) in Manzanita, Oregon
and a reminder that the deadline for submissions for ReVision 2014 is July 15th

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