Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Miguel Aparici – sculpture including whimsical animals and birds from wood and metal

Bridget Catchpole – jewellery from plastic retrieved from beaches

Stephanie Dubernard – objects including a lamp made from recycled chopsticks

Lincoln Heller – leathergoods, although the leather isn’t recycled the surface impressions are made with recycled objects such as bicycle spokes, hood ornaments and bolts

Upcycle Magazine – an online magazine about upcycling, recycling, and reusing with projects, interviews, giveaways, links to interesting sites, and more

Katherine Soucie – fashion from nylon hosiery

Corinne Okada – sculptures inspired by family stories of plantation era Hawaii

Take Off Your Clothes – creators of a line of deconstructed and reconstructed t-shirts and dresses

Christine Terrell – upcycled jewellery from tins

Nancy Smythe Thompson – jewellery using old knitting needles

Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Melissa Arias – jewellery from coloured pencils

Math Monahan – book sculptures

Nicki Lang – salvaged and repurposed leather goods

Karin Mueller – sculpture from found and recycled items

Erica Odelae – new books from old books

Pattie Young – metal sculpture

Jesus Bubu Negron - commissioned street cleaners to collect used cigarette butts which he then turned into a woven carpet

Jason Twiggy Lott – icons and mixed media

Heather Jansch – life-size horses from driftwood

Renunu Earthday Fashion Show - Sunday April 21st 2013 4pm to midnight in Seattle

Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Andrew Ko – mixed media and installations using circuitry and metal

Lynne Taylor - robots

Georgina Ferrans – installations and altered journals

Revision – the found object exhibition took place during the summer of 2012 in Halifax, with works by Lisa Cochrane, Jay Dort, Emma FitzGerald, Noah Logan, Susan Malmstrom, Mike Milligan, Mellisa Schwegmann and Catherine Venart

Ken Butler – hybrid instrument sculptures

Ankie Wessels – lamps

Shannon Hannon – wings from book pages

Eric Brown – reassembled electromechanical devices

Victoria Roberts – jewellery from sea glass

RARE Recycled Art & Resource Expo presented by Allied Arts of Whatcom County takes place April 20 and 21 in Bellingham WA

Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Gabriel Dishaw – among other galleries, check his shoe sculpture series from old computers, adding machines, typewriters and old technology

Kate Carvellas – collage, mixed media and assemblage

Brent Coelho – furniture from old timber and road signs

Matthew Cusick – collage and altered books

Lars Henkel – collage

Janet Perkins – portraits and paintings using plastic

Marina DeBris – sculpture from beach trash

Matjames Metson – assemblage

Michael Culhane – kinetic sculptures

Steve X Craig – mixed media collage art