Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Gerard Collas – sculpture
David Emitt – photography and rusty cans

Gille Hill Ruici – small metal sculpture

Famous Empty Sky – mixed media collage

Margherita Marchioni – jewellery from plastic bags, rubber gloves, rubber bands, BIC pens, etc

Christiane Diehl – jewellery from rubber bands, inner tubes, air mattresses and industrial leather remains

Rubbish Gallery – speaks for itself, brain child of Alice Bradshaw

Medieval Manuscripts Recycled into Clothes

Southwest Airlines recycles 80,000 leather seats into bags, shoes and balls

DIY – a light garland from shuttlecocks

Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Forevertron – the largest scrap metal sculpture in the world
in Dr Evermor’s Art Park
Carlos Brutus – sculptures from oil drums
Mario Caicedo Langer - sculpture from trash and broken gadgets
Subodh Gupta – sculptures from brass pots and other metal parts
Blue – techsidermy
Derek Arnold – metal sculpture
Gabriel Dishaw – junk sculpture
Roy Lewis – metal sculpture
James Bradley – metalwork with junk yard finds
How to make a clarinet using a carrot