Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly recycle art links

Gerard Collas – whimsical and colourful assemblage
Connie Sabo – sculptures from torn, twisted and woven newspaper
Jen Hardwick – mixed media
Scott Gundersen – wine cork art – where does one get 10,000 wine corks?
Cassandra Postema – would never have thought her jewellery and handbags was made using recycled bullet and bomb casings
Bruno Mallart – fantasy collage where Jules Verne meets Alice in Wonderland
Matt Roby – whimsical sculptures
Jeremy Mayer – typewriter assemblage
Stephane Halleux – whimsical sculpture
Nemo Gould – kinetic sculpture

Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang – art from their plastic debris collected on the beach
Jeffro Uitto – recycled driftwood sculpture
Jennifer Strunge – monsters from secondhand clothing
Celeste Azulada and Poi – sublime sculptures from a variety of recycled materials
Eric – funky clocks from an assortment of recycled items
Coach – has come up with a line of wallets made from heritage baseball gloves
Michael Ferris Jr – sculptures from reclaimed wood
a waterfall project in China made from toilet seats, urinals and sinks
Bird on the Beach with Mary Bennett at Vancouver Maritime Museum - learn about plastics pollution in the ocean and the effect on seabirds.
4 Thursdays in September and the finale on Worldwide Bird Art installation Day Sept 29
Constanza Bardi – little robots from found disposable items

Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

John Bassett – recycled glass creations
Nancy Salas – another glass artist who uses recycled glass
The Yanque Co – Peruvian sandals from rubber tires (held together with nails rather than glue)
Michelle Stitzein – wire sculptures and bottle cap art
Nek Chand – a found object and rock garden in India
Kitty Wales – animal sculptures and animatronics
Gugger Petter – 2 and 3 dimensional works using newspaper
Ptolemy Elrington – hub cap creations
but has recently added shopping carts to his toolbox
Steven Siegel – large trash forms set outdoors
a recycling story - America’s largest library was once a Walmart

Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Roger Schultz - had his willing friends mail him lids for an entire year
Carolina Fontoura Alzaga – chandeliers from bicycle parts
Valerie Buess - takes books, disassembles them and twists and shapes them to create sea-forms
Jori Phillips - Vancouver-based actress, model and former circus artist spent months ripping pages from a second-hand thesaurus to create a dress
Jimmy Dechenes – sculpture and lighting
Alexander Farto – chips away at walls and deconstructs billboards to create his work
Michael - balls, bowls and sculptures made from keys, reclaimed copper pipe, wire and coins
David Mach – his sculptures using coathangers are rather impressive
Canadian Gregory Colbert’s The Nomadic Museum

Friday, August 2, 2013