Friday, May 29, 2015

Recycle Art Links

Bordalo II – trash murals on the streets of Lisbon

Salvatore Cerceo – sculptures of people

William Turner – guitars

Hans Eijkenboom – maker of Voegelhotels, bird condo units

Michael – metal sculpture using copper wire and keys

Jola and Justin – built their own castle truck

James Korpan – metal sculpture

Valerie Bunnell – her ceramic figures incorporate lots of recycled materials

Project LUV Seat – a collaboration between Loopworks and Soithwest Airlines

Reima Honkasalo – sculpture using recycled materials

Friday, May 1, 2015

Recycle Art Links

Lauren Milroy – love her shoes made from colored pencils
Karen Mueller – found art assemblage
Anya Beaumont – sculpture using maps and discarded plastic (among other things)
Dave Davis – sculpture from a variety of materials
Fantome – line of bags from bicycle inner tubes
Rosy – folded book art
Nolia Shakti – jewellery from nespresso cups
Barbara Franc – animal sculptures
Dave Gowman – his Legend of the Flying Monkeys band makes and performs with instruments made from recycled materials
Upscale Style – a fashion show of wearable trash fashion at the Schack Art Centre in Everett WA May 2, 2015