Saturday, October 8, 2016

Recycled Art Links

Bob Dylan – not just a music maker, but he creates iron gates from scrap metal
Nirit Levev – dog sculptures using chains
Cara Barer – book sculpture
Michael Pajón – vintage paper collage
Will Kurtz – 3D paper sculptures
Bordalo II – trash sculptures
Felix Böck – upcycled chopsticks
Insecta – turns vintage and plastic bottles into shoes
Adidas verge – running shoe made from recycled ocean plastic
Valérie Buess – paper sculptures

Friday, August 26, 2016

Recycled Art Links

Brian Dettmer – the book surgeon

Julie Alice Chappell – computer bugs

Peter Clark – paper collage, I especially like the garments

Ellen Mattesi – check out her projects using candy wrappers

Dolan Geiman – paper collage

Terrence Campagna – sculptures from material found on trips throughout the world

Street lamps from washing machine drums

How to make a bottle fence

Netonia Yalte builds homes out of Haida Gwaii beach bones

Amazing things made from cardboard tubes

Friday, July 29, 2016

Recycle Art Links

Lesley Hilling – salvaged wood constructions

John Dahlsen – environmental wall works

Tuula Närhinen – her sea sculptures use plastic detritus from the Baltic Sea

Steve McPherson – wall sculptures from beach plastic collected over 15 years in the UK

Angela Haseltine Pozzi – sculptures from beach debris

Gilles Cenazandittu – life size plastic animal sculptures

Pam Longobardi – installations using beach debris

Freya Jobbins – disturbingly beautiful sculptures created with dolls

Tess Felix – portraits using beach debris

Adidas has partnered with Parley for the Oceans to make shoes stitched with thread produced from discarded fishing nets

Friday, June 10, 2016

Recycle Art Links

Malena Valcarcel – altered books and paper art
Jeff Conley – makes his own instruments for his band
Suzy Pal – magazine collages
Peter Clark – found paper collages
Bottlebot – plastic bottle robots
Jacob Hashimoto – large sculptures, many using recycled materials
Igor Verniy – animal and insect sculptures
Francisca Prieto – folded paper sculptures
Nils Volker – large sculptures incorporating plastic bags, computer cooling fans, and lights
Arnt Arntzen – furniture designs incorporating aircraft parts

Friday, May 20, 2016

Recycle Art Links

John and Lindsay Gibson – skateboard art, including a cool guitar
Caastellan Christophe – sculpture using tools
Didier Biree – sculptures
Raymond Guest – garden sculptures
Nirit Levav – animal sculptures from bicycle chains
Russ Brebner – rusty metal sculptures
Vicolo Paglia Corta – table tops made using keyboard keys
Daniel Lanzilotta – sculptures from recycled plastic waste
30+ DIY projects with old books

Monday, May 9, 2016

Recycle Art Links

Cecilia Levy – paper sculptures
Commissioned wedding dress made from Tyvek
Claire Brewster – very delicate paper sculptures using maps
Jen Hardwick – small sculptures
Amy Flynn – robots
Sally Colbey – robots
Kathleen Plate – glass art- video shows her making a chandelier from coke bottles
Barbara Holmes - Wood Installation Sourced From the San Francisco Dump
Edouard Martinet – animal sculptures
Benoît Maubrey – electroacoustic sculptures

Friday, April 22, 2016

Recycle Art Links - Trashion

Barbara Morawiec – book dresses
Angela Johnson – from tshirts to coutoure
Jamie McIntosh – plastic ball gown
Dumpster Design – creators of multiple collections of trashion
Wild Onion – jacket from recycled bags
John Petrey – calls his dresses sculptures
Ali Ciatti – paper plate dress

Monday, April 4, 2016

Recycled Art Links

Morgan Brig – sculptures
Hasan Novrozi – animal sculptures
Veronika Richterova – PET plastic bottle art
Kim Graham – giant paper eco-troll
Aaron Moran – wood sculpture
Eileen Downes – collage
Brian Mock – metal sculptures
Anita Francis – book sculptures
Tabistry – a group dedicated to making things from pop cans tabs
Katrina Sherwood – ever wanted to make a bracelet from a toothbrush

Friday, February 12, 2016

Recyled Art Links

Alexander Calder – sculptures
Will Wagenaar – sculptures
David Kemp – sculptures
Gabriel Dishaw – sculptures
Sabine Brosche – paper collage and sculptures
Omid Asadi – leaf cutting
Roxy Russell – plastic jellyfish
Gille Monte Ruici – metal assemblage
Gregory Kloehn – homes for homeless
25 creative ways to recycle kitchen stuff

Friday, January 29, 2016

Recycled Art Links

Jennifer Collier – stitched vintage books and papers – be sure to watch the video
Luisa Milan – reuses old textiles
Vilma Silveira Farrell – lamps from coffee filters
Julie Alice Chappell – insects from electronics
Justin Gershenson-Gates – jewelry and sculpture from watch parts
Jonathan Callan – sculptures from compressing books
Fashion Designers Transform Ford’s Recycled Upholstery Fabrics into Couture
15 inventive dresses made from recycled materials

Friday, January 15, 2016

Recycled Art Links

Matt Wilson – cutlery sculptures (really like the birds)

Christian Wischnewski – small sculptures and collage

Jean Marc – bags from old life jackets and cement bags

Marina Balsamo – lamps and jewellery from Nespresso capsules

Kimberley Franklin – recycled book jewellery

Yvonne Barreau-Fein – mixed material sculptures

Deana – recycled glass

Sabina Brosche – works using discarded newspaper, books, packaging and cardboard

Celia Pym – knitting repair

Monday, January 4, 2016

Recycle Art Links

Michelle Sirois-Silver –  hand-hooked surfaces from waste textiles
Cynthia Minden – assemblage
Tony Fredriksson – driftwood sculpture
Elliott Hundley – watch how he makes his paintings from beach debris
Nick Cave – learn about his Soundsuits made from discarded materials
Piet Hein Eek – furniture designs from natural and recycled materials
David Kracov – wall sculptures
Liu Wei – art from everyday materials
Jodi Harvey-Brown – book sculptures
Karine Diot – book sculptures