Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Bret Coelho – assemblage, installations and furniture (above a Sydney tram network map installation under construction made from weathered boards and road signs)

Molly Bright – bottle cap portraits

Jim Rosenfeld - bookshelves from vintage books (be sure to check out his whimsical About the Art

Mike Urban – metal dinosaur sculptures

Live Debris – an organization dedicated to exchanging, exploring and developing new methods for reusing discarded materials and transforming peoples’ perceptions of waste

Hoyan Ip – her Bio-Trimmings project makes fashion trimmings from food waste

Danielle Maret – mixed media and mail art

Rajeev Aggarwal – glass bottles as canvas

To Make You Smile association – interesting school bench project and birdhouses

and an interesting exhibition of art made from Mt Everest trash was held in Nepal recently

Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Reestore Ltd designs and manufactures a range of handmade products for the home and for the office including chairs made from shopping trolleys, roll top baths transformed into sofas, and desks produced from aeroplane wings

Hilary Pfeifer – enjoyed her Beauty of Life installation inspired by the wallpaper and fabric patterns of William Morris using around one thousand leaf, flower, fruit and bird forms made from reclaimed wood from deconstructed homes, or ornate picture frames, rulers, decorative fruit, toys, and cooking utensils

Caitlin Phillips – book purses

Stephanie Vandal – sculptures and altered dolls

Anna Raddatz – scarves from tshirts

Katherine Rasmussen – reuse of sailboat sails

Pierre Lota – check out his 1 minute objects section (the videos are fun to watch)

Dmitry Khristenko – motorcycle watches

Gustav Reyes – rings from salvaged wood, each with its own story

Adam Eckstrom – lottery ticket art in her collage section

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Robert Jefferson Travis Pond – metal sculptures from random assortment of metals

Patricia Chapman – assemblages that enable her to give full reign to her “hunter gatherer instincts”

Daniel Goers – runs an experimental studio creating things out of readily available materials often incorporating ecological/botanical components

Jim Shores – metal sculpture from found objects

Jessica Jackson – lighting from recycled materials

Kyle Bean – I particularly enjoyed his sculptures from eggshells

Groovy Green Glass – products from post-consumer glass including wind chimes

Sew Much Style – I like their accessories made from recycled men’s suits

Sophie Marsham – metal sculpture (not all recycled) but I did enjoy the radiator sheep

and check out this nifty invention by a 15-year old (girl I might add)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Babis Cloud – love his horse made from computer keys

Tony Cragg – check out some of his plastic sculptures

Bill Woodrow – many of his sculptures are made from found materials

Stephanie Vandal – sculptures and assemblage

Salvador Dali – well known for his recycled assemblages

Rune Guneriussen – surreal staged photos of ordinary household items

Shoji Kimura – As he puts it “Don't throw it away! What may seem worthless to you may be priceless to me!”

Gilbert Legrand – whimsical sculptures from everyday objects

Stefano Pilato – all manner of fish

Djé des Garrigues – metal sculptures

Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Frank Russell – detailed sea creatures from reclaimed metal

Bicycle Wheel by Marcel Duchamp – made from a bicycle wheel, fork and kitchen stool

Leo Kaplan – box assemblage

Greg Colson – sculpture from everyday objects

Lonnie Holley – his first artwork was the tombstones for 2 daughters of a younger sister made from blocks of a soft sandstone-like by-product of metal casting which was discarded in piles by a foundry near his sister's house

Kurt Schwitters – mixed media paintings and collages from waste materials picked up on the streets

Jean Tinguely – famous for his crazy machine sculptures

Louise Nevelson – wooden sculptures

Jannis Kounellis – sculpture using found objects

Julian Schnabel – known for his plate paintings and overpainted polaroids