Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Joe Pogan – animal sculptures from old watches, sprockets, nuts and bolts

Becky Hickley – designer of bags and accessories made using skateboards

Andrew Chase – mechanical animals from automobile and plumbing parts

Jennifer Collier – household objects made from paper

Jerry Simpson – dumpster diver extraordinaire

David Brady – figurative and landscape mixed media paintings incorporating found materials

Dave Lovejoy – assemblage

Jason Hadley – assemblage

Julie Kornblum – basketry and weaving

Steve Gerberich  - current animatronic exhibition at Vancouver Science World – Creativity in Motion: Springs, Sprockets and Pulleys

Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Diana Savona – collages from salvaged linens

Cindy Lewis – collage from things like hockey sticks and baseball gloves

Dan Rawlings – cutouts in metal

Nirit Levav – dog from bicycle chains, squirrel from acorns, turtle from bicycle gears

Peter Madden – 2D and 3D collages from National Geographic magazines

Seo, Young-Deok – figurative sculptures using bicycle chain

Naomi Zettl and Andreas Kunert – ancient art of stonework

Hanna Gitton – sculptures from books

Jim Shores – whimsical sculptures

Bradley Hart – a unique use for bubble wrap

Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Michelle Reader – sculptures that often have mechanical elements, using the working parts of old toys and clocks

Lin Evola-Smidt – sculptures of angels made from decommissioned weapons

Ptolemy Elrington – hub cap creatures

Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez - underwater sculptures from marine trash

Wim Delvoye – sculpted rubber tires

Yuken Teruya – her Corner Forest project uses toilet paper rolls

Miguel Rivera – cars, bikes and robots sculpted from computer hard drives and other electronic parts

Robert Bradford – sculptures from toys

Leo Sewell – more junk sculpture

a nifty DYI project to recycle light bulbs

Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Barbara Franc – animals from discarded recycled metal

some work from the Maison & Objet mega-exhibition at the Paris Design Week where recycling materials was a hot theme

Lane Patterson – figures, fountains and lamps

Anne – wall art from repurposed books

The Heidelberg Project in the heart of Detroit

Ariele Alasko – geometrical wonders from recycled wood

RARE (Recycled Art and Resource Expo) sponsored by the Allied Arts of Whatcom County takes place in Bellingham April 20 and 21

El Anatsui – works include his metal tapestries from liquor bottle tops

Ed Chapman – portraits from stone and ceramic tile, torn paper and plectrums (guitar picks)

8 ways to recycle industrial pipes