Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn – Predator inspired motorcycles using old car and bike parts

Nick Georgiou – sculptures from old newspapers

Alain Guerrera and Neraldo de la Paz – sculpture and installations using old clothing

Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz – quit their day jobs and built a house for $500

Lili Brin – lamps

Patrick Bride – sculptures from household waste

Sean Avery – sculptures using CDs

Ram Mallari Jr – metal sculptures

El Anatsui – metal cloth sculptures from discarded metal

DIY greenhouse from bottles

Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Len Solomen – makes and plays musical instruments from recycled materials

Refashioned – a new publication by Sass Brown

George Sabra – sculpture using plastic lids

Molly B. Right – bottle cap portraits

Satoshi Hirose – conceptual sculpture from plastic lids

Lauretta Lowell – whimsical creatures and characters

Melissa Richardson – founder of Totem Bags makers of bags from banners, truck tarps, seatbelts and bicycle inner tubes

Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Caitlin Ducey – drinking straw art

Ann Bowden – art from drinking straws, pipe cleaners and chicken eggs

Farmgroup – Bangkok design group working on some interesting projects

Oddbirds – interesting collection of lamps from tableware

James Grashow – cardboard sculptures

Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Stephen Palmer – fun fish sculptures
MarGiai-c Miniet – quirky and off beat
Shanna Leino – book arts
Stephane Halleux – sculpture
Nemo Gould – kinetic sculpture
I-Wei Huang – new robotics from old (loved watching the videos of the robotics in action)
Harriet Mead – life-size wildlife sculpture
Andra Matin – designer of the Potato Head Beach Club in Bali