Friday, November 27, 2015

Recycle Art Links

Rosa Montesa – gift boxes from plastic bottles

Elisa Insua – colourful sculptures from plastic scraps

Florie Salnot – plastic gold jewellery with Sahara refugees, sponsored by Sandblast Arts

Sarah Frost – wall installation using keyboard keys

Choi Jung Hyun – sculpture using keyboard keys

Joao Sabino – keyboard key purses

Derek McDonald – metal sculptures

Mike Davis – sculptures from tyres

Connie Sabo – twisted paper sculptures

Cyrus Kabiru – sculptural spectacles

Friday, November 6, 2015

Recycle Art Links

Tomas Vitanovsky – animal sculptures from scrap metal

Extrema Outdoor Music Festival  - 600 pallets were used to create a stage that embraces visitors and provides an intimate environment within the crowded festival. By placing the DJ booth in the center of the structure, the stage is made tactile and experiential for visitors

William Heeffer – boiler lamps

Cecile Perra – sculpture and collage

PopDots – design of gallery interior using reclaimed wood bits!instalacion-cc/cw8p

Washed Ashore – sculptures from plastic ocean waste

The Art of Craft Lecture: Reclamation – November 17 starts at 7 pm at Carousel Theatre’s Studio C on Granville Island on November 17th.  Partipants include Bridget Catchpole, Kaarina Talvila, and Lorraine Kwan and Janet Lee of ReVision