Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Virginia Fleck – lots of mandellas from plastic bags, but I especially like her “Wish House, Dream House” installation from recycled materials including metal pull tabs

Oh, Plastiksack! – an exhibition currently on at the Gewerbemuseum in Switzerland.  I particularly liked Ida-Marie Corell’s dress made from 555 blue IKEA bags

Teri Dryden – mixed media assemblages using old books

Peter Clark – collage from found paper

Sabine Mescher-Leitner – sculptures from old bottles

Tracey Falcon – art using old newspapers

Sara Turner – art from recycled plastic drink bottles. Currently on display is her lighting sculpture made for Coca Cola at the London Olympics

Golpeavisa – love their food portrait of Rene Redzepi

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