Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Caitlin r.c. Brown – her Cloud contains 5,000 re-appropriated domestic light bulbs which was included in the current Nuit Blanche Calgary

Pierre Ivan Didry – sculpture

Phillips- Mclean – mosaics

Samantha Huanga – altered books

Philip Glashoff – sculpture from recycled materials including rusty machinery, fire extinguishers, compressor covers and motorcycle tanks, operates a sculpture ranch in California

Arseniy Lapin – sculpture – his sculptures are fun and playful

Leonard Drew – junk installations

Liora Lasselle – winner of the Estethica/Veolia Re-Source Competition for her recycled clothing entries
where she teamed with Reclaim to Wear and From Somewhere

Sang Sik Hong – large scale sculptures made from drinking straws

Roy Lewis – functional art from such items as worn out car, motorcycle and machine parts

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