Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Frank Russell – detailed sea creatures from reclaimed metal

Bicycle Wheel by Marcel Duchamp – made from a bicycle wheel, fork and kitchen stool

Leo Kaplan – box assemblage

Greg Colson – sculpture from everyday objects

Lonnie Holley – his first artwork was the tombstones for 2 daughters of a younger sister made from blocks of a soft sandstone-like by-product of metal casting which was discarded in piles by a foundry near his sister's house

Kurt Schwitters – mixed media paintings and collages from waste materials picked up on the streets

Jean Tinguely – famous for his crazy machine sculptures

Louise Nevelson – wooden sculptures

Jannis Kounellis – sculpture using found objects

Julian Schnabel – known for his plate paintings and overpainted polaroids

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