Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Dario Tironi and Koji Yoshida – 2011 joint exhibition of sculpture from plastic products including toys

Loran Scruggs – toys and whistles from bottle caps and tin cans

Alex Smolen and Kim Barr – clothing and accessories from remnant and recycled materials

Joel Hester of the Weld House – line of furniture from reclaimed steel (including car hoods)

Jason Mecier – celebrity portraits

Ample Sample – a challenge where design entries are made from carpet samples

Luca Scarpellini - one-off design pieces, starting from reclaimed and discarded materials, then modified and assembled

Hillary Coe – painting with tin cans

Rashad Alakbarov – painting with shadows and light

Ignacui Canales Aracil – I like his sculptures using dried plants

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