Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Studio Swine – aluminum furniture from found street materials of São Paulo
Using a mobile foundry to smelt aluminum cans using waste vegetable oil collected from local cafes as a fuel

Myriam Dion – newspaper paper cuts
Andrew Hayes – metal and book  sculptures
ReFashioned, a new book by fashion activist, designer, and FIT lecturer Sass Brown pays homage to 46 forward-thinking international designers who work with recycled and upcycled materials
ReFleece – makers of tablet sleeves made from a felt made from upcycled textiles and recycled plastic fibers
Invested/40 – current exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver until November 9 (not all recycled)
·        Ian Johnston – Cellular Brick Road – ceramic with cellular phones
·        Julie McIntyre – Nautical Apron – made from paper
·        Angelika Werth – Canadian Camper Tent Dress  – nylon tents into dress
MccGwire – sculptures and installations using among other things feathers and wishbones
Courtney Adair Johnson – collage from trash plus paint

Art on Board – recycling skateboards into new products

DYI – 30 upcycle project in 30 days

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