Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Katherine Harvey – installations made from empty bottles and plastic packaging
Julia Goodman – papermaker who uses unconventional materials to make her paper, from beets to bedsheets
Dietmar Voorwold – land art from rocks and leaves
Ettore Guatelli Museum – a museum of every object you can probably think of (in Italy)
The House of Collection – another cabinet of curiosities (in Williamsburg, NY)
TRAIDremade – UK organization whose designers make clothes reusing unwanted textiles including vintage and end rolls
Sumer Erek – check out his newspaper house
Cadillac Ranch – if in Amarillo Texas check out the cars
If you are looking for some inspiration – Rubbish!:  Reuse Your Refuse
and a reminder that deadline for submissions for ReVision 2014 is July 15th

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