Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Nick Sayers – web designer who creates complex geometric objects from playing cards (among other things) in his spare time

Joy Campbell – book sculptures

Sophie Marsham – sculptures from recycled metal, from stainless-steel medical equipment, antique chocolate moulds, circular saw blades to car suspension springs

Jean-Marc Furio – French antique collector of items from the Industrial Art era from 1900 to 1950

Mary Ellen Croteau – I especially enjoyed her bottle cap pieces

Sophie Marsham – sculptures

Eric Salazar – book sculptures

Susan Hoerth – book sculpture

Boris Bally – sculpture and design using such materials as recycled street signs and weapon parts

Pierre Andre Senizergues, environmentalist and artisan, and designer Gil Le Bon De LaPointe – use discard materials from skateboard manufacturing

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