Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Dan Tanenbaum – from watch parts to motorcycles

Kat O’Sullivan – sweaters and jackets from old sweaters

Liz Dickey – clocks from bicycle parts

Patrick Dougherty – combines his carpentry skills to create sculptures using tree saplings

David Edgar – colourful found art assemblages with Plastiquarium as his theme

Works by the following 5 artists will be displayed throughout the VanDusen Botanical Garden during their Earth Art exhibition starting August 2

Michael Dennis – sculptures from logging debris

Urs-P Twellmann – uses a chainsaw to shape logs, branches and other tree components

Nils-Udo – ephemeral earth art sculptures

Chris Booth – large scale works in wood and stone

Nicole Dextras – local artist known for her garments woven from natural materials

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