Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Brian Jungen – check out his sculpture from plastic lawn chairs and his native mask from Nike sneakers; he will be representing Canada at the 2012 Shanghai Biennale beginning in October

Christian Voltz – sculpture using wire, nuts and bolts

Alessandro Gedda – best known for his painting of Porsches, but he is also a sculptor

Gilbert Legrand – whimsical painted sculptures using everyday household articles

Youtube user BD694 – check out what this guy can do with old electronic parts

Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette – objects utilizing items gathered throughout a lifetime such as jar lids, curlers and combs

Heather Youngdahl Mullins - interactive sculpture, spaces, functional products, accessories and furniture

Lara Newsom – clothing and accessories from old clothing and accessories

Bryan Northrup – new fused glass works from broken glass

Huey and Wah – accessories from recycled billboard banners

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