Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Steve Hosch – mixed media collage and assemblage

Al Farrow – his reliquaries often incorporate guns, gun parts and bullets

Linda and Opie O’Brien – in their own words they are “caretakers of the mundane and the ordinary. We work with organic, recycled and found materials, because they seem to have a voice that must be heard... a story that must be told... and a life that would otherwise be too soon forgotten"

Scott Campbell – skulls made out of US currency

Brooke Schmidt – altered books

Greg Hanson – mixed media collage and assemblage

Denise McDowell – box assemblage

Park Guell by Antoni Gaudi – this famous park in Barcelona is made of ceramic and stone, but is mostly made of natural elements; for the mosaics, Gaudi used broken ceramic tiles, even plates and cups.

Bull’s Head by Picasso – made from a bicycle seat and handlebars

Wondering what you could do with all those pallets you see lying around

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