Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Dean Patman – detailed animal sculptures

Jack Zylkin - upcycled antique typewriters that also work as computer keyboards and iPad docks

Richard Shilling – ephemeral art

Leslie Tilley – “lamps out of blenders, toasters, plumbing parts, gears, coffee pots, pepper mills, flower pots, gelatin molds, colanders, cigar boxes, birdcages, and other assorted treasures”

Nathan Rock – repurposing cast iron artifacts from old mills, railyards and factories that have been abandoned or forgotten

LeAnn Larson – jewellery from vintage silverware

Matthew Donaldson – furniture designs from recycled wood

Kelly Headley – reclaimed and salvaged wood designs

Swap-o-rama – Vancouver February 10 – giant clothing swap and do-it-yourself workshops where guests pay $5 and contribute a bag of unwanted clothing and are allowed to take home as much clothing as they can carry

Re Store Bellingham call for art for 12th annual Recycled Arts Show

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