Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Jean Shin – sculptures and large scale installations from everyday objects, including umbrellas, donated clothing, losing lottery tickets, empty wine bottles and discarded computer keycaps

Sarah Turner - decorative lighting from waste plastic drinks bottles

Donald Gialanella – “an artistic paleontologist, searching for traces of meaning in the rubble of society”

Paul Rainville – chandeliers from bottles

Jill Jones – steampunk objects and jewellery from antique found objects

Aurora Robson – works using plastic debris, packaging and junk mail

Tom Sachs – sculptor using various modern icons

Anne – wall art from repurposed books

Court Bennett – “bio-mechanical forms, which combine materials in unconventional, dark and humorous ways”

Nelot Cram – bird houses

Dalton Ghetti – sculptures on the tips of pencils

Reclamation Administration – website dedicated to the dissemination of information that prevents the unnecessary waste of construction and demolition materials through recycling based in the Portland, Oregon

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