Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang – art from their plastic debris collected on the beach
Jeffro Uitto – recycled driftwood sculpture
Jennifer Strunge – monsters from secondhand clothing
Celeste Azulada and Poi – sublime sculptures from a variety of recycled materials
Eric – funky clocks from an assortment of recycled items
Coach – has come up with a line of wallets made from heritage baseball gloves
Michael Ferris Jr – sculptures from reclaimed wood
a waterfall project in China made from toilet seats, urinals and sinks
Bird on the Beach with Mary Bennett at Vancouver Maritime Museum - learn about plastics pollution in the ocean and the effect on seabirds.
4 Thursdays in September and the finale on Worldwide Bird Art installation Day Sept 29
Constanza Bardi – little robots from found disposable items

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