Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Mike Ross – his Big Rig Jig is made from 2 discarded tanker trucks
Damien Louch-pelissier – insects from plants
Sandhi Schimmel – paper mosaic
Dan Phillips – houses made from recycled materials
Xu Bing – his Phoenix project is made from  Chinese construction debris
Sebastian Errazuriz – his zipper dress lets you customize on the fly
David Edgar – fish from plastic garbage
Henrique Oliveira – recycled plywood art
Gille Monte Ruici – robots from metal kitchenware
DYI – 151 upcycling projects

1 comment:

  1. Hello Janet, I thank you for this link, and I'm proud to appear in your ""catalog".I recycle objects with funny and ornamental purpose. I invent and make on my spare time of the "unusual constructions " in pure self-taught. I thus get back varied objects: diverse scraps, kitchenware, metallic rooms parts, tools of mechanics. My approach consists in giving them a second life by assembling them and hijacking them from their original vocation.My realizations are unique; I create essentially death's-heads, skeletons and robots.

    I thank you again for the interest.
    All the best