Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Ryan Jude – check out her gown made from Golden Books

Tanith Rohe – jewellery from things such as guitar strings, electronics and paper

Suzanna McMahan – upcycled vintage jewellery

Peter Clark – paper collage

Kim Adams - imaginative tableaux and hybrid sculptural forms using industrial, mass-produced materials – car relics, hardware store goods and toy figures

Max Dean – sculpture and installation

Derek Arnold – takes his muse from heavy equipment graveyards

Moaffak Makhoul – recently broke the Guinness world record for the largest mural made from recycled materials

R&D – an Italian design company making furniture using rebar, roof wood, rubber tubing, brushes and mops, among other things

DIY – Jenna De Angeles shows you (with a lot of humor) how to make a wreath from old books.  Might want to start now for Christmas.

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