Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Recycle Art Links

Alvaro Tamarit – art, sculpture and furniture design
Katri Oikarinen – framed books. The video is inspiring
Eric Langert – animal sculptures
Left 4 Dead Art & Furniture – just what it says, check out the photos
Dirk Vander Koolj – check out how he made his chair from melted plastic bottles using a 3D printer
Rick Ladd – bottle cap furniture
Gregory Brotherton – author of three interesting books
Device Volume 1: Fantastic Contraption
Device Volume 2: Reconstructed
Device Volume 3: Traveling Device
Looking for used textiles in Vancouver for a project?  Try one of the monthly sales at Our Social Fabric
Looking for used wood in the San Francisco area for a project?  Try Heritage Salvage for reclaimed wood from barn doors to flooring
DIY – some things to do with tin cans

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